Joining academia

  • Join a professional body relevant to your area of research or study
  • When choosing a dissertation, Masters or Doctorate degree, aim for one that specialises and is supervised by an academic well known in your field of interest.
  • Attend conferences organised by relevant professional bodies for networking opportunities. 
  • Seek opportunities to present your work at conferences, or support someone who will.
  • As you network at university or at conferences organised by the professional bodies, you will start becoming aware of opportunities to provide research support for major projects.
  • Publishing in journals is the most important way of assessing an academic's research potential and quality.
  • If and when you publish your work, try to publish in journals that have a big readership, in other words, journals with 'high impact factors'.
  • When publishing, try to get the balance right between quality and quantity.
  • Seek out opportunities to design, deliver and evaluate degree level courses.
  • When providing research support for big research exercises, try to get exposure to bid and proposal writing.
  • The scientific community is international, be prepared to travel overseas to seize opportunities.

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