Digital Edge videos

The videos below are from our Digital Edge event in 2013.

Social media and job hunting

Learn from Aimee Bateman about social media and job hunting.

Manage your online reputation

Discover from Frances Gow how to manage your online reputation and check that you only reveal what you mean to.

Teaching digital literacy

Journalism lecturer Jim McClellan shares his views on digital literacy and what we’ve learnt from the media.

IT training opportunities

Emma Perrin and Kevin Lawley run through the IT training opportunities on offer at the University of Westminster to help you get the digital edge when you graduate.

The importance of brand

Andrew Rigby of The Group discusses the importance of brand for today’s social media savvy companies.

What skills, what for?

Panel discussion with Frances Gow, Tarik Mahri, Rikki Morgan Tamosunas and David Chalcraft, chaired by Gunter Saunders, rounding off the day with discussion of the themes from the day.