New Elective Module On ‘Pop Goes The Now: Deconstructing Popular Culture’

24 April 2017

Pop goes the now

Are you interested in how popular culture shapes the past, the present and the future? Do you want to understand the cultural forces behind Lady Gaga, Tracey Emin, Pokémon and Andy Warhol?


We are pleased to offer ‘Pop Goes the Now; Deconstructing Popular Culture’ to Level 5 students as part of the Westminster Plus Electives programme. The module provides students with a chance to undertake a cross-disciplinary exploration of contemporary popular culture and critically evaluate different modes of artistic practice.

This Level 5 Westminster Plus Elective is designed to challenge students in their engagement with the history, theory, business and creative practice of 20th and 21st century popular culture, with London as a shared focal point.

The module draws upon a broad range of disciplines and will appeal to students who have an interest in:

  • Philosophy and ideas
  • Fashion
  • Literature and language
  • Film and media
  • Television
  • Music and music production
  • Comic books and graphic novels
  • Science and technology
  • Architecture and design
  • Politics, sociology and history
  • Critical-thinking and ‘big ideas’
  • Business, law and enterprise
  • Psychology and mind

The module is important and relevant to students who will learn to appreciate their place in the context of contemporary culture, taking ownership as agents of change to speculate on and to create cultural futures. Students will draw together events, histories, ideas, locations and artefacts from a wide range of cultural expressions and practices.

As part of the assessment on the module, students will have a weekly three-hour session that will combine lectures, field trips and collaborative learning, while blended learning will be a key component of this Westminster Plus Elective as students use online resources and apps as learning tools. Assessment is based on group project work and individual blogs.

We would encourage students taking the module to ‘join up the dots’ of their learning by engaging with a range of disciplinary perspectives. After all, employers are looking for graduates who can think critically and are not afraid of tackling the ‘big issues’ head on. That is why the Westminster Plus Electives are designed for high-achieving, enquiring students who crave a learning experience like no other.

The Westminster Plus Electives are credit-bearing modules that provide undergraduate students with the chance to expand their professional, intellectual and career skills.

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