Westminster Electives

17 February 2016

Current Level 4 students can choose a Westminster Elective where their course allows.

Westminster Electives give you more choice in what you study.  Some Westminster Electives are cross-disciplinary and can help make you more employable.

14 cross-disciplinary elective modules will be introduced in the 2016/17 academic year – initially at Level 5 only. Current first year (Level 4) students will be able to choose electives, where their course allows, when they register for next year’s modules in March/April 2016. Please note, students on a small number of courses are unable to study electives.

Information sessions will be held for students to tell them about the new cross-disciplinary electives. This will include an opportunity to meet representatives from each of the module teams and ask questions about the modules.

Information Sessions

  • Cavendish Campus: 22 February, 1–3pm in C1.03
  • Marylebone Campus: 26 February, 12.30–2.30 pm in MG28
  • Harrow Campus: 3 March, 12–2pm in ELG.03
  • Regent Campus: 11 March, 11.30am–1.30 pm in Fyvie Hall

For more details read our Westminster Electives page.

Watch this video to find out more about Westminster Electives.

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