Sociology of Work and Industry

Module code: 5HURM007W
Faculty: Westminster Business School
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Available to: Westminster Business School students only, however students on some courses are unable to choose Westminster Electives  – see list of exemptions. Please note elective modules are subject to availability.

This module will develop your understanding of the nature of work in contemporary society and, in particular, how it is experienced from the perspective of the worker or employee rather than from the perspective of the manager

You will learn about differences in interests and in the balance of power between the employer and the employed and understand the meaning and value of work both to individual employees and to society as a whole.

Among the main subjects you will explore during the module are industrialisation and the rise of paid work; globalisation, technology and the ways in which the organisation of work has changed in relatively recent times. Other important topics include the concept of knowledge work, and conflict, gender and discrimination in the workplace.

By the time you complete the module you will be able to analyse the social significance of employment in modern industrial societies, the changing context of work and employment in a global framework.

The teaching and learning methods for the module involve a combination of lectures, seminars and workshops. Assessment will be based around a 3,000-word individual essay, and a closed-book, in-class test.