London Lives: Migrant London

Module code: 4SOCL008W
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Credit Level: 4
Credit value: 20
Available to: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities students only, however students on some courses are unable to choose Westminster Electives  – see list of exemptions. Please note elective modules are subject to availability.

This module will explore immigrant lives and their contexts in London. Starting with a historical overview and an introduction to theories of integration, assimilation and settlement, you will examine current and past processes of inclusion and exclusion in different spheres of society, including politics, the (regular and irregular) labour market, the education system and the criminal justice system. You will also look at linguistic, literary and artistic cultural production.

By the time you complete the module you will be able to analyse and evaluate the different theories of integration, assimilation and settlement, and draw logical conclusions from them. You will be familiar with the key concepts and debates on immigration, and be able to synthesise and integrate these to develop logical and coherent arguments. You will also understand the place of life histories, literature and art in the study of immigration, and be able to discuss the particular challenges faced by immigrants in London, including the challenges originating in state policy.

The module will be delivered through a combination of lectures, small group seminars, and fieldwork. Assessment is based on a portfolio of short weekly entries of research on the topic.