Logic and Argumentation

Module code: 5WSEL006W
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Semester: 2
Available to: Students in all faculties, however some courses already include cross-disciplinary modules and are structured to offer opportunities to expand professional skills. Students on these courses are unable to choose Westminster Plus Electives – check the list of courses

Please note: elective modules are subject to availability.

Module Leader: Patrick Lees
Email: [email protected]

This Westminster Plus Elective aims to provide a fun and stimulating opportunity for you to address a fundamental aspect of yourself; your reasoning ability. Investigating an essential element of effective communication – how to make sound arguments – the module will enable you to develop your arguing skills in your own academic subject, understand how this relates to reasoning in general, and introduce you to the study of logic.

The approach is very practical, arguing against each other and experimenting with different representations. This entails developing skills of analysis, experience in focusing on very precise distinctions in meaning, and communicating succinctly, soundly and honestly. By the end of the module you will be able to demonstrate:

  • your knowledge of basic concepts and notation in logic;
  • evaluate a range of simple arguments;
  • exercise judgement in selecting examples of reasoning from varied media;
  • and argue against others in a group setting to an agreed level of performance.

Learning and teaching will involve weekly hour-long lectures and two-hour tutorials. Assessment is through an individual case study and end-of-year exam.

What’s the advantage?

This module is great if you are interested in:

  • Learning how to use arguments effectively, informed by principles of logic and reasoning;
  • Showcasing to future employers that you can think deeply about a range of problems and use argument to deliver impact;
  • Communicating your ideas succinctly, honestly and effectively.