Game On: ‘Serious Games’ Production, Entrepreneurship and Social Change

Module code: 5WSEL007W
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Semester: 2
Available to: Students in all faculties, however some courses already include cross-disciplinary modules and are structured to offer opportunities to expand professional skills. Students on these courses are unable to choose Westminster Plus Electives – check the list of courses

Please note: elective modules are subject to availability.

This Westminster Plus Elective introduces students to ‘Serious Games’ and their use in support of campaigns for social causes, education and training. The module examines how ‘gamification’ can be used as a means to influence behaviour and motivation in commercial and non-commercial settings. Students will gain experience of how to apply design principles to create engaging and visually appealing board and electronic games. You will work with Adobe Captivate software to create an electronic game around a chosen topic and theme.

You will also learn how to design a marketing plan for the promotion of your game to potential clients. The module provides a rich environment for students to acquire technical, creative and transferable skills, including entrepreneurial, communication, and project managing skills, valuable for your professional development. The module will also help you to enrich your portfolio and increase your employability.

For more details about the elective, demos of the content of the module and previous students projects download the module materials (PDF).

What’s the advantage?

This module is great if you are interested in:

  • Creatively exploring a social cause or business concept by creating an electronic game;
  • Demonstrating to future employers that you can think laterally about a range of strategic issues and are able to apply different ways of thinking in solving problems;
  • Are interested in using games to generate deep insight into social, political, and business environments.