Business, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Module code: 5HURM009W
Faculty: Westminster Business School
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Available to: Westminster Business School students only, however students on some courses are unable to choose Westminster Electives  – see list of exemptions. Please note elective modules are subject to availability.

Do businesses have any ethical responsibilities – and if so, what might they be? This module considers the role of ethics in business in a market economy and marketised society, and the implications for types of corporate social responsibility (CSR). You will explore the ethical dilemmas thrown up by business operations, and the implications for suppliers, employees, consumers, wider society and the environment. You will also examine the varieties of CSR, corporate governance and the role of governments, international and regional institutions, labour standards, consumer protection, corporate market behaviour, and environmental problems.

Having successfully completed the module you will be able to evaluate the central problems in contemporary ethical thought (as they relate to CSR in a marketised society), and analyse a variety of contemporary ethical theories that attempt to address these problems. You will also be able to analyse several theoretical approaches to CSR, evaluate the current business practices in relation to CSR, and implement organisational policies appropriate to social and economic contexts.

The module teaching and learning methods involve a combination of lectures, tutorials, workshops and case studies. Real contemporary business case studies form the core method of delivery in this module. Assessment is based on individual case study or report.