Bulletins and Blogs

Module code: 4RDPR004W
Faculty: Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design 
Credit Level: 4
Credit value: 20
Available to: Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design students only, however students on some courses are unable to choose Westminster Electives  – see list of exemptions. Please note elective modules are subject to availability.

This module is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to write and prepare copy and audio for radio production to be used in a news context. You will create content for live news broadcast and initiate, research and produce news stories for online distribution.

The module will give you an overview of how a live radio news bulletin is constructed, the roles employed in radio news production, news content appropriate for web distribution, and the research tools available to source and originate news items. You will explore the individual elements of a radio news bulletin, as well as the structure, style, language and layout of news scripts. The module includes class sessions on using production software for news content, and on organising news bulletin production. You will also get an introduction to the basic blogging software needed to publish text and audio online.

Teaching and learning methods include whole class sessions, seminar-style small group exercises, group and individual assignments, and studio workshop sessions. Assessment will focus on key pieces of coursework, including a series of news bulletins, produced as live, with appropriate content in the necessary format and style (both as a group and individually), and an original news item, researched and written for online distribution.