Students as Co–Creators

The University of Westminster works in partnership with students to improve the learning experience, using the Students as Co-Creators model.

Through Students as co-creators, the University has funded research projects where students and staff work in partnership to explore ways of improving learning and teaching at Westminster such as online learning, the assessment briefing and language skills in the professional world.

Participating in a Students as co-creators project will give you the opportunity to voice your opinions, shape your learning experiences, build your networks and develop your skills in team working, leadership, communication, research, giving presentations, and managing projects and budgets.

To take part, you’ll need to form a small team and choose an area of learning and teaching at the University you think needs to be improved. Your team will need to find an academic partner and you will work together to research your idea, gather evidence, identify possible solutions and produce a report on your findings and recommendations.

Student project teams receive funding to carry out their research and, once the final report is completed, the students in the team receive a bursary of £300 per team as a reward for taking part. 

For more information on previous projects and how you can become a co-creator, visit the Students as Co-Creators Google site. Sign in using your university Google ID. 

Deadline for applications is 20 October 2017.

You can also download an overview of our Learning and Teaching Strategy (PDF).