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Upcoming events

The STEAM group is organising a free, one-day seminar on dissemination of scientific knowledge and public engagement. Further information will be added soon. 

Teaching Foreign Languages: Today and Tomorrow, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 29 September - 1 October 2016
Paterson, R.: “Chocolate can make you smarter (and thinner): Understanding academic language using the science that makes the news.

Previous events

The project has so far focused on how scientific knowledge is communicated to the scientific community as well as the general public, and the transformations that knowledge undergoes when it travels across different spaces and times (e.g. from a scientific journal to the media).    

Conference presentations  

Social Impact of Science, 25-29 July 2016, University of Barcelona.
Gimenez, J.: Trajectories of scientific knowledge: Raising social criticality as impact.  

Horizons in STEM Higher Education Conference: Making Connections and Sharing Pedagogy, July 2016, University of Leicester.
Gimenez, J. and Roque Gutierrez, E.: A pedagogy for multiple-audience writing in STEM disciplines: When research and pedagogy meet.   




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