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Dr Spinder Dhaliwal, Reader in Entrepreneurship

Research Areas: Asian entrepreneurship, women in business, entrepreneurship education

Spinder Dhaliwal

Spinder has written extensively about the Asian business community and compiled Britain’s Richest Asians for many years reflecting her long held interest in the field. Her book, Making a Fortune – Learning from the Asian Phenomenon (Capstone) has been noted widely. She wrote the influential study Silent Contributors – Asian Female Entrepreneurs and Women in Business, which highlighted this important, yet often neglected, issue. Her report for Barclays Bank entitled, Asian entrepreneurs in the UK, received much attention.

Spinder has developed what the Daily Mail described as a high flying career which spans academia, writing and the media. Spinder was both Founder and Director of the Centre for Asian Entrepreneurial Research (CAER).  She knows all about the challenges of the Asian entrepreneur from first hand experience. Her father, who came to the UK from the Punjab in the 1960s, ran a corner shop in which she balanced the demands of a busy family business with high academic achievement. 

Avoiding the insularity of many in her profession, Spinder’s work targets, and hits, a much wider audience than just students and other academics. She has been a regular contributor to the Asian media and, in the past few years, has become an increasingly influential figure in more mainstream circles. Spinder, and her work, have been profiled in The Independent, The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail and she recently appeared on the BBC’s flagship breakfast news programme. She was also featured as a commentator and expert on BBC2’s peak time programme, “Making a Fortune – the Asian Way”. She was also the Education Editor for Prospects magazine and on the editorial panel of PROWESS (promoting women’s enterprise) and was Vice President (PR and Media) of the Institute of Small Business and Enterprise (ISBE).

Spinder is invited to address audiences as a speaker, is a freelance writer and helps major organisations target and understand the Asian community. She is interested in supervising PhD students in the areas of Asian entrepreneurship, women in business and entrepreneurial education.

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