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Nikhaela Wicks
Nikaela WicksI am a PhD student looking into the policing (both formal and informal) of race within London’s night-time economy. I am looking to explore whether law enforcers believe race impacts on the behaviours presented within the night time scene and how this affects the way in which persons are controlled, policed and criminalised at night. The importance of place will also be uncovered as part of my research.

I hold an MA in Criminology with the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research at the University of Kent. My MA research, ‘Female drinkers, gender and nightlife: A case study of Maidstone’s NTE’ explored the changing attitudes towards young women’s intoxicated behaviour and the subsequent impact this had on the policing of them on nights out. It also examined the meanings young women attached to nights out.

I previously worked as an Intelligence Analyst for Kent Police and as a Senior Analyst for East Kent Hospitals Trust.

Elvan Can
Elva CanI completed my BA in Sociology at Istanbul Bilgi University. I hold a MA with the Sociology Department at the University of Essex. I am currently a PhD student in History, Sociology and Criminology and my research is about my hometown Istanbul and the loss of public space through gentrification. I have a great passion for Sociology and love to contribute to the literature. My research interests include public spaces, urbanisation, gentrification and media discourse.

Nayyar Hussain
Nayyar HussainI completed my BA at the University of Westminster in 2016. I am now pursuing a PhD with the Department of History, Sociology and Criminology on urban regeneration.

My research specifically focuses on ethnic minority working-class youth in South Kilburn. A key feature of the research is that it engages with a largely ignored population within gentrification and regeneration debates. 

Tatiana Lipatova
Tatiana LipatovaI received my first PhD in Russia in 2012 on the subject of Value preferences and cultural wealth of population in the region ethnocultural development context and for three years fulfilled the position of junior lecturer in Social sciences in Russia. 

The subject of my thesis is the professional activity of women in Russia and Britain. Although the feminist movement developed sharply in Europe in the second part of the 20th century and made great steps to extend opportunities for women to realise their rights, including the right for professional development, there are still not a lot of modern European women in top positions. In this context, Russia is developing in a different direction but the present situation in Russian society is far from desirable. 

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