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[email protected] accomplishes research and developmental activities in order to study the educational value of role play, board games and virtual simulations and to foster greater knowledge and understanding about the use of serious games in different educational domains. The educational projects being conducted by [email protected] involve students as partners that take part in the design of content, the design and development of software, as well as in testing and evaluating the research output.

[email protected] in education portfolio includes the following projects:

  • edu-simulation

    a web platform accessible by multiple platforms and devices that supports the creation and participation to role play game simulations for educational purposes, that incorporates game elements that aid to student engagement and satisfaction. The platform allows synchronous communication, collaboration, voting and participation to events.

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  • Westminster Serious Games Platform (wmin SGP)

    Westminster Serious Games Platform (wmin SGP) is a platforms that: allows the creation of bespoke 3D simulations supported by realistic virtual humans without requiring specialised technical skills; engages learners in real-life role-play simulations interacting with virtual characters in a 3D environment.

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  • Board Games to Mobile Games

    This project involves students as partners working on the conversion of various board games that have been developed by students at the...

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  • Gamified educational material

    [email protected] created a series of highly interactive, rich multimedia educational material using game design elements in innovative ways enabling...

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