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Conferences and workshops

Doina Tatar, Mihaiela Lupea and Epaminondas Kapetanios, HREBS and Cohesion Chains as Similar Tools for Semantic Text Properties Research, KEPT 2013, Cluj-Napocca, Romania

Diana Tanase, Epaminondas Kapetanios, Entangled SemanticsNLDB 2013, Manchester, UK

Diana Tanase, Epaminondas Kapetanios, Are SKOS concept schemas ready for multilingual applications? I-Semantics 8th International Conference, Austria, 2012

Ioanna Lykourentzou, Katerina Papadaki, Apolostolos Kalliakmanis, Younes Djaghloul, Thibaud Latour, Ioannis Charalambis, Epaminondas Kapetanios, Ontology-based Operational Risk Management, IEEE CEC 2011

Dimitris Vergados, Ioanna Lykourentzou, Epaminondas Kapetanios,  A Resource Allocation Framework for Collective Intelligence System Engineering, ACM MEDES 2010, Bangkok, Thailand, (invited by Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence (JETWI))

Doina Tatar, Epaminondas Kapetanios, Christian Sacarea, Diana Tanase, Text Segments as Constrained Formal ConceptsSYNASC 2010, Timisoara, Romania

Chang Liu, Hui Wang, Sally McClean, Epaminondas Kapetanios, Weighting Common Syntactic Structures for Natural Language based Information RetrievalCIKM 2010, Toronto, Canada

D. Tanase, E. Kapetanios, Evaluating the Impact of Personal Dictionaries for Cross-Language Information Retrieval of Socially Annotated Images, iCLEF Workshop, ECDL 2008, Aarhus, Denmark

E. Kapetanios, M. Schaal, A Model and Algebra for Collaborative Semantic Annotation in Digital Libraries,  2nd Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries, in conjunction with ECDL 2007 and Delos Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, Budapest, Hungary, 2007

R. Schriram, V. Sugumaran, E. Kapetanios, Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval and Delivery Using Community Mobile NetworksIEEE ICDIM 2006 (paper has been selected for publication at the Journal of Digital Information Management), Bangalore, India

E. Kapetanios, V. Sugumaran, D. Tanase – Multi-Lingual Web Querying: A Parametric Linguistics Based ApproachNLDB 2006, pp. 94-105, LNCS 3999, Springer Verlag, Klagenfurt, Austria, 2006 – paper has been selected for publication in a special issue of the DKE Journal (Impact Factor for 2005: 1.085, Source: ISI Web of Knowledge, Journal Citation Reports), Elsevier Publisher

E. Kapetanios, P. Chountas, Multi-lingual Database Querying and the Atoms of Language (Short Paper), NLDB 2005, Alicante, Spain

E. Kapetanios, MDDQL: A Multi-lingual Query Language and System for Heterogeneous Data Sources1st Annual Semantic Technology Conference, San Francisco, USA

E. Kapetanios, D. Baer, B. Glaus, P. Groenewoud, MDDQL-Stat: Data Querying and Analysis through Integration of Intentional and Extensional Semantics, 16th Intern. Conf. on Scientific and Statistical Databases, SSDBM 2004, Santorini, Greece

E. Kapetanios, D. Baer, P. Groenewoud, Simplifying Syntactic and Semantic Parsing of NL Based Queries in Advanced Application Domains, 8th Intern. Conf. on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2003, Germany

E. Kapetanios, P. Groenewoud, Query Construction through Meaningful Suggestions of Terms, 5th Intern. Conf. on Flexible Query Answering Systems (FQAS), FQAS 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark

E. Kapetanios, D. Baer, P. Groenewoud, P. Mueller, The Design and Implementation of a Meaning Driven Data Query Language, 14th Intern. Conf. on Scientific and Statistical Databases, SSDBM 2002, Edinburgh, Scotland

D. Baer, P. Groenewoud, E. Kapetanios, S.Keuser, A Semantics based Interactive Query Formulation Technique, 2nd Inter. Workshop on User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems (UIDIS 2001) ETH-Zurich, Switzerland

E. Kapetanios, M.C. Norrie, D. Fuhrer-Stakic, MDDQL: A Visual Query Language for Meta-data Driven Querying, VDB5 – 5th IFIP 2.6 Inter. Working Conference on Visual Database Systems, May 2000, Japan

E. Kapetanios, M.C. Norrie, A. Frei, An Information States Blackboard as an Intelligent Querying Interface for Snow and Avalanche Data, 5th Inter. Workshop on User Interfaces for Data Intensive Systems, UIDIS 99, Sept. 1999, Edinburgh, UK, IEEE Computer Society Press

E. Kapetanios, M.C. Norrie, B. Brabec, Context-based Querying of Scientific Data: Changing Querying Paradigms?, 3rd IEEE Metadata Conference, April 6 & 7, 1999, NIH Campus, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, IEEE Computer Society Press

E. Kapetanios, M.C. Norrie, Data Modelling and Mining in Scientific Databases9th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical databases, Olympia/USA, 1997, IEEE Computer Society Press

E. Kapetanios, M.C. Norrie, A. Würgler, How far is an Object Model from Description Logics, Intern. Workshop on Description Logics, Paris/France, 1997

E. Kapetanios, Extracting and providing knowledge in an object-oriented scientific information system for atmospheric research8th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical databases, Stockholm – Sweden, 1996, IEEE Computer Society Press

E. Kapetanios, L. Schneider, O. Trieschmann, A conceptual framework for the definition and implementation of a metadata (knowledge) base in atmospheric research, 1st IEEE International Conference on Metadata, Silver Spring – Maryland (USA), 1996, IEEE Computer Society Press

E. Kapetanios, A scientific knowledge base for extracting and justifying scientific hypotheses in atmospheric research, 2nd International Conference on Building and Sharing Very Large Scale Knowledge Bases, Enschede – Netherlands, 1995, IOS Press

E. Kapetanios, R. Kramer, A Knowledge-based System Approach for Scientific Data Analysis and the Notion of Metadata, 2nd IEEE Intern. Conf. on Mass Storage Systems, Monterey – California (USA) 1995, IEEE Computer Society Press

E. Kapetanios, H.-P. Lorenz, O. Trieschmann, A database design and implementation for the MIPAS, Balloon Spectrometer, 2nd Intern. Workshop on Climate and Environmental Databases, Hamburg – Germany, 1995, Kluwer Academic Publishers


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