Radicalization and Violence

Radicalization and Violence: the Russian Dimension

Funding Body

Economic and Social Research Council


Roland Dannreuther (Westminster) (PI)

Luke March (Edinburgh)

Ekaterina Braginskaia (Edinburgh)

Award Value



The principal objectives of this project were to analyse the Russian discourses and approaches to radicalism, nationalism and political Islam; to identify the policies adopted by the Russian state to its Muslim communities and to assess their effectiveness; and to investigate the sources and extent of radicalisation within Russia as well as the practical measures which might reverse or contain such radicalising trends.

The project was conducted from 2008-2010 and engaged in extensive fieldwork in Mosocw, Tatarstan and the North Caucasus. The project also included International Fellows from Russia and from Iran. For the main findings of the project, see Russia and Islam: State Society and Radicalism edited by Roland Dannreuther, and Luke March,

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