Take-down Policy

In case of abuse or copyright appearing without permission please email the WestminsterResearch Administrator who will remove the item from public view while the complaint is investigated. If there are any contractual, ethical or sensitive issues relating to specific publications, which mean they should not be made openly available, please contact us so we can try to accommodate your needs.

University of Westminster Policy on Dissemination of Research and Scholarly Output

Academic members of staff are required to deposit the final author-formatted version of all articles and conference papers they produce. The WestminsterResearch Administrator will check publishers’ policies and add the full-text where we are legally permitted to do so.

The full-text of this policy is available here.

Funder mandates

Various funders now stipulate Open Access publication as early as possible as part of their grant awards to maximise the dissemination of the research they fund. This includes the Research Councils UK, as well as the Wellcome Trust, European Commission and others.

This may be done through the deposit of papers in Open Access archives, such as WestminsterResearch, or through publication in Open Access journals. Further information on this is available from the JULIET website and varies between the different funding organisations.

To check whether a journal is compatible with the Open Access requirements of an organisation from which you have received funding, you should check the RoMEO website before submitting your paper.

Funder attribution

It is important to correctly attribute any articles that result from external funding. If this is done correctly it allows research funders to benefit from easier monitoring of outputs from their grants and awards. Information on correct attribution has been provided by the Research Information Network. Please see the guidance and summary and you can also download a list of major UK research funders’ correct titles.

Download a list of major UK research funders’ correct titles.

Data Policies for WestminsterResearch

Data policies are available in PDF format and can viewed here, these include Metadata, Data, Content, Submission, Preservation and Take-Down Policies for WestminsterResearch.

Download the data policies

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