University of Westminster research in the area of computer science and informatics focuses on theoretical and practical solutions to modern society's needs. These include ICT services, health, social care, green technologies, safety and security, and environments for teaching and learning.

The research spans a variety of methodologies and applications, ranging for instance from work on large scale distributed and grid computing infrastructures, to computer vision and imaging. Our semantic computing work addresses natural language processing, while work on complex systems extends to applications in healthcare modelling that have been deployed within the NHS. Other work around digital signal processing has led to innovations at software and hardware levels that lend themselves to practical applications in power efficient electronic systems.

Our research is supported by major grants and awards from government departments, research councils, the European Union and industry. It benefits from strong national and international links with leading academic and commercial organisations. We offer services to industry such as consultancy, system development, seminars and professional training programmes all linked to the educational portfolio of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

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