About us

The work of the Representation, Fabrication and Computing Research Group encompasses a range of activities, from historical analysis and the science of visual perception, to design-based research and the exploration of innovative new fabrication technologies. In an age in which digital technology has facilitated a wealth of new opportunities for creative practice, it has never been more important to question the role of architectural representation.

The group is divided into three sub-groups: Body, Space and Representation, unified by an interest in drawing as a vehicle for spatial imagination; Design through Fabrication, comprised of academics and practitioners interested in the role of materials and new fabrication technologies in the design and production of architecture; and Spatial Interface, which considers a range of issues relating to representation, media technologies and the science of visual perception.

Our location

Representation, Fabrication and Computing Research Group, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

 Accessibility: Together with AccessAble, we have created online Disabled Access Guides for our buildings.

Contact us

Contact the research sub-group leaders:

Body, Space and Representation

Dr Alessandro Ayuso at [email protected]
Ro Spankie at [email protected]

Design Through Fabrication

Dr David Scott at [email protected]

Spatial Interface

Richard Difford at [email protected]