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Nutrition has long been recognised as a vitally important determinant of human health and, as dietary patterns in the world change rapidly, it currently has great prominence as an important public health issue in both industrialized and non-industrialized countries. The range of food and nutrition-related issues that need addressing are many and extend from the persisting problems of hunger and malnutrition in low-income countries through to diet-related non-communicable diseases in high-income countries and the co-existence of both in many countries related to social and economic change.

Internationally a shared major challenge is food security and sustainability in the context of climate change. The research needs in nutrition are many and diverse and, reflecting this, currently there are many funding opportunities for nutrition research that the research group is keen to explore. As a group our research interests and experience are broad and mirror the range of current nutrition concerns, including nutritional epidemiology and interventionist research in a variety of global contexts, food safety, nutrition and lifestyle performance, public concerns about the UK food system, and under-nutrition. Underpinning our work is a commitment to the principles and practice of public health and the reduction of health and nutrition inequalities. 

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Food Nutrition and Public Health Research Group, 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6UW

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