Weltanschauungen is a new interdisciplinary academic network hosted by the Institute for German Studies (IGS) at the University of Birmingham. This two-year project debates the continuing impact of 20th-century German history, particularly the legacies of the National Socialist and GDR state socialist regimes, on 21st-century political decision-making. Key aims are:

  • to examine the complex interactions between history, memory and politics in contemporary German society
  • to gain a deeper understanding of the nature and transferability of collective memory, with a focus on memory practices

The project is structured around four research visits by eminent scholars, each accompanied by one of their postgraduate students, in the fields of immigration; foreign and security policy; European integration; and cultural policy.

Funding Bodies

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


Dr Felix Heiduk (University of Birmingham), Dr Isabelle Hertner (University of Birmingham), Dr Patricia Hogwood (University of Westminster) and Dr Sara Jones (University of Birmingham).

Award Value