Fabrication Laboratory Westminster robotic arm

Representation, Fabrication and Computing is a new research group in the Department of Architecture set up in 2015. The extent to which drawing and making techniques, tools and conventions either inform or reflect the nature of architecture has long been debated. In an age in which digital technology has facilitated a wealth of new opportunities for creative practice it has never been more important to question the role of architectural representation. Scholars, teachers, designers and practitioners in the fields of representation, fabrication and computing set out to explore the nature of drawing and making in their broadest sense, as tools for research and as the vehicles for creative practice. Intended to cut across disciplinary boundaries, the work of the group encompasses a range of activities, from historical analysis and the science of visual perception, to design based research and the exploration of innovative new fabrication technologies. This research group is divided into three sub-groups:

  • Body, Space and Representation
  • Design through Fabrication
  • Spatial Interface
Robotic Arm in the Fabrication Laboratory Westminster

Fabrication Laboratory Westminster

Members of Representation, Fabrication and Computing draw on the extensive capabilities of the new Fabrication Laboratory Westminster.


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