Property and Construction

Staff research interests and outputs

Staff research interests and outputs

  • Debbie Ancell – social, economic and environmental sustainability and innovation
  • Martin Ball – Project management
  • John Begg – energy use in housing
  • Tony Burke  – building conservation, adaptation and usage of buildings.
  • Masi Farjadmand – fibre reinforced sprayed concrete
  • Colin Gleeson – low energy building and implications.
  • Monica Grinfeld – energy conservation. Built environment and curriculum design.
  • Stephen Gruneberg – international construction markets, economic theory applied to construction, regeneration, infrastructure, etc
  • Brian Jones – building structure
  • Mike Lister – valuation and banking.
  • Haris Middleton – accounting and property (financial statements of property companies and their performance.  Measuring property companies.
  • Jacqueline Pond – personal and professional development in the construction industry, strategic development of organisations, sustainability issues in construction, ethical behaviour of firms in the construction industry.
  • Malcolm Smith – risk management (quantitative side, measurable risk).
  • Jane Wright – improvement areas
  • Junli Yang – human aspects of building use. Energy consumption in buildings.

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Property and Construction Research Group

Research in property and construction covers a wide range of activities. While we are interested in every aspect of research in property and construction, there are particular areas we specialise in.