Pensions Research Network

About us

About us

The network builds on the success of the Pension Investment Academy based within Westminster Business School, which was launched in autumn 2006. Set up in association with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, its wide-ranging programme and seminars aimed at pension fund trustees and postgraduate students alike cover essentials such as liability management and asset allocation as well as emerging topics such as socially responsible investing and pension buy outs. The programme recognises the dominant role played by pensions in todays financial and business environment, by putting pensions firmly on the academic agenda.

The aims and objectives of this Pensions Research Network are to primarily create an online network for sharing information and presenting new research or work in progress relating to pensions and other related fields. Face-to-face network meetings on a quarterly basis will be organised giving members and other interested parties the opportunity to meet, present, discuss and collaborate on research projects. The Pension Network's website publicises submitted research, publications, lectures and seminars relating to the scope of the network. PhD research students interested in the subject areas are also encouraged to become members and contribute to the network.

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