The pensions landscape faces challenges driven by increasing longevity, changing occupational pensions’ structure and regulations, state retirement age, actual retirement age, poverty in retirement, government pension policy and the Employment Equality (Age) regulations.

The Pensions Research Network draws together research within the field of pensions, retirement behavior, savings and ageing from across the various academic disciplines, providing a cross-disciplinary network and forum for exchange of information, discussion and debate.

The aims and objectives of this Pensions Research Network are to primarily create a network for sharing information and presenting new research or work in progress relating to pensions. By drawing together academics and their research, seeks to it will widen the field of knowledge within the areas of retirement, savings, pensions and ageing.

Over the years, a number of papers have been presented by pensions academics and experts from various universities and think tanks, covering a wide-ranging succession of topics relating to pensions and retirement. The workshops have allowed comprehensive and critical assessment of research and given rise to stimulating debates around pension and retirement issues, both in policy and practice.

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Our network builds on the success of the Pension Investment Academy based at Westminster Business School.

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