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Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson

Sample Publications

  • Wilson, Jane (2014) A reflection on writing case records: development and current demands for acupuncture practitioners. TANG Humanitas Medicine, 4 (2). 13.1-13.6. ISSN 2233-8985
  • Wilson, J.F., (2013). A Reflection on the Management and Treatment of Cervical Spine Neuropathies with East Asian Medicine: Acupuncture. Chin J Integr Med. 19(6):403-408.
  • Chen, J-X., and Wilson, J.F., (2011). Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine. The People’s Republic of China; People’s Medical Publishing House.
  • Scheid. V., Moir F. and Wilson J.F. (2011). The (After) Life of Traditional Knowledge. The Acupuncturist.  February/winter: 10-11.
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