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Dr Regina Keith

Dr Regina Keith

Sample Publications

  • HPA (2014) Healthy Revenues – how the extractives industry can support Universal Health Coverage in Sierra Leone  edited by Keith R Health Partners Association and Ministry of Finance Sierra Leone
  • Keith R (2013) Saving 800,000 lives: increasing the number of infants that are exclusively breastfed British Medical Journal UK
  • Keith R (2012) Voice and Accountability Strategy for Working together to Improve

Recent Grant applications

  • March 2015 Research review Increasing taxes to fund health in Sierra Leone (HPA funded)
  • May 2013 Community accountability research on £20 million Nutrition programme Nigeria
  • Sept 2009 – March Capacity building Child Health Nutrition Research/Action
  • WVI (£50,000)

Grant applications in submission

  • Oxfam DFID research call on Kwashiokor systematic review submitted March 2015
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