Sara Shiku, a student on the Finance and Accounting MSc course at the University of Westminster, travelled to Hong Kong to present her project at an international youth leader conference.

“Global Youth Leaders’ Summit 2017: Let's Make the World a Better Place” was organised by the Global Youth Leadership Institute of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a partner of the University of Westminster, and was held on 28-29 June 2017.

The Summit, which was themed Social Entrepreneurship, gathered student leaders from across the world to share ideas and find solutions to some of the world’s pressing challenges in order to chart a future course in making the world a better place. It featured talks from professors from Stanford University, visits to social enterprises in Hong Kong and roundabout discussions.

Sara learned about the opportunity through the Outward Mobility Team at the University and applied with her social enterprise, which is an Educational Blog she has created to help Albanian High School students.

Sara’s project got selected in the Poverty Alleviation section and she was then invited to the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit where she presented her project and talked about how the blog has changed and evolved since its creation back in 2012 to date.

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She said: “I created the blog when I was in high school and now it counts over 2.6 million hits, and is a very active educational hub in Albania.”

The conference was also a chance for Sara to meet fellow students, coming from South Africa, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Brazil and Canada.

She said: “After the conference we had a cultural visit to some of the most beautiful sights of Hong Kong, including Victoria Peak and Stanley Market. We also had a formal dinner where we had Chinese delicacies, such as birds’ nest soup. It was a very exciting experience, which left us all inspired.”

All costs of transport and accommodation were covered by the organisers.

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