The Talent Bank is an invaluable resource that provides current students with paid temporary or part-time work opportunities within the University of Westminster and with local employers.

Working while studying is a great opportunity to develop your transferable skills, gain valuable professional experience and subsequently increase your job prospects after graduation.

The roles offered at the Talent Bank vary from Telephone Researchers to Data Entry, Envelope Stuffers or Research Project Assistants. Positions are paid either national minimum wage, £9 or £12 per hour, depending on the nature of work. The Talent Bank is open to all current students at the University of Westminster.

Applications are now open 24/7 throughout the academic year. However, there are deadlines for each intake. The next intake deadline is Monday 04 May at 9am.

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“I would definitely recommend Talent Bank to my friends and fellow students as it is a really useful resource to gain unique work experience within the University. It is a great way of getting flexible part- time job that fits around your academic timetable. It is an excellent opportunity to gain distinct work experience to increase your employability before entering the graduate life after University.” Muhammad Alam

“What really makes all the difference is that no one forgets that you are first and foremost a student. They encourage you to give priority to your academic development and are flexible with working hours.” Caterina Nirta

Good luck to everyone applying!

The Talent Bank Team

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