The University of Westminster’s Teacher Education Consortium has won a £60,000 research bid to develop employer-focussed teacher training and staff development.

The focus will be on working collaboratively across our partnership colleges to develop flexible blended learning approaches, with particular support for learners with specific learning difficulties and/or disabilities, those with literacy and ESOL difficulties; and those teacher trainees who are deaf.

The project has five strands involving five different colleges working closely together and with the University’s Westminster Exchange:  

  • Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College and Newham  College will work together to develop  a specialist module, Literacy, ESOL and  the Learners, so that it can be used for non-specialist tutors, who want to improve their learners’ literacy and language, especially those learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.
  • The City Literary Institute and West Thames College will collaborate in the design of blended learning materials for a module aimed at helping trainee teachers  support learners with specific learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • The University of Westminster and West Thames College will create a new optional  and CPD module, Academic Writing and  Study Skills, in order to support vocational teacher trainees and their learners’ academic writing and study skills.
  • In a pioneering project for deaf teacher trainees, the City Literary Institute  will develop resources in British Sign Language to make our teacher training  provision inclusive and accessible to deaf trainees wanting to complete the new Award and Certificate and or first year of the Cert Ed/PGCE.
  • With the recent inclusion of 14-16 year old pupils to colleges, Harrow College and the University of Westminster will develop blended learning approaches to an optional module designed to help teachers in the wider Lifelong Learning sector to work with younger learners.

This is the second time that the Consortium has won a £60,000 bid from LSIS. The first project, completed in 2012, involved an innovative collaboration between three colleges which worked  together with the University to develop a new joint Literacy and ESOL course. This new course is being piloted and taught at the University of Westminster by  four subject specialists from three different partner colleges - with excellent  student feedback. Secondly, the project funded work by the City Literary Institute and the University of Westminster to produce online and blended learning materials for an introductory teacher training course and two  mentoring courses.

Consortium programme leader Rebecca Eliahoo and Director of Studies Will Whitlock would like to thank the college course teams for their outstanding and continuing collaboration.

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