Professor Simon Joss presents his research and visits innovative smart city initiatives in South Korea.

The country was among the first to develop the concept of the 'smart city', and continues to be a major innovator in this area.

This week, Professor Joss is visiting Daejeon, an academic and commercial centre of high-tech innovation, which has a ‘sustainable smart city’ programme being spearheaded by the area’s municipal authorities.

The Daejeon Development Institute (DJDI) is hosting the fourth Science City Forum: International Symposium on a Sustainable Smart Science City. Professor Joss is sharing his research on smart cities in the UK and the role of citizens. In addition, he will also speak at a research seminar hosted by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon.

Following this, Professor Joss will be visiting Sejong, Korea's new administrative capital, which is currently under construction and also styled as a sustainable smart city.

The research ties in with the SMART-ECO project being undertaken by the International Eco-Cities Initiative and other partners.

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