Westminster Law School and the University of Westminster Outreach Team welcomed 9–10 year old school pupils and their teachers to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Sam Johnson, Primary Outreach Officer, welcomed pupils from St Edwards RC Primary and Brecknock Primary School to the Little Titchfield Street site, where the children completed a range of activities to introduce law and university life, helped by student ambassadors and University staff.

Following this, pupils attended a mini-lecture on the Magna Carta delivered by Leon Harris and took part in a role-play with the character of King John. Pupils then spent time in seminars, developed by Jim Carlberg of the Outreach team, working through a range of debating activities and further exploring the injustices found in current news stories.

After lunch, pupils took part in a 'moot', or mock trial, written by Richard Earle of Westminster Law School, with the children playing the roles of barristers and a jury. Judge James Tayler from the London Central Employment tribunal oversaw the session. One teacher described the moot as “a great first-hand experience of a court – a unique experience!”

After the moot, the children were photographed with the judge in the mock court-room before returning to school. Speaking about the day, two children said, “I enjoyed the day, it was very fun and intense!” and “it was a real stretch for our minds.”

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