Professor Vlatka Hlupic has been mentioned in a Forbes’ article about
the eight most noteworthy books of 2014 for her recent publication 'The
Management Shift'.

According to the article, over the last few years a number of books have set out to describe goals, practices and metrics of the emerging creative economy. 'The Management Shift', together with other seven other books, can be seen as constituting the canon of the creative economy.

Forbes says that these books make a substantive contribution to clarifying and institutionalising the paradigm shift from the traditional economy to the creative economy. The article mentions that Professor Hlupic's book describes a management shift that focuses on managing people, fostering collaboration and creating a sense of purpose. Based on many years of research, the book shows how to create more value, innovation, employee engagement and sustainable success.

Visit the Forbes website now to read the full article.

'The Management Shift' is available from Palgrave Macmillan.

To read a full interview with Vlatka about the book, please visit the Westminster Business School blog.

About Professor Vlatka Hlupic

Professor Vlatka Hlupic has an interdisciplinary background with various academic and professional qualifications – from economics, information systems and computing, to coaching, psychological kinesiology and neurolinguistic programming.

She is an executive coach and has worked as an adviser for many international organisations and governments. Vlatka is a founder and the CEO of the Drucker Society London, as well as a keynote and TEDx speaker at major international events.

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