Professor John Golding, Professor on the Psychology BSc Honours course, was mentioned in an article published by People’s Friend magazine about motion sickness. 

John Golding

Professor Golding, who is a world-leading expert on motion sickness, spoke to Colleen Shannon, the magazine’s Health Writer about how it works. He said that people can get motion sickness while watching a film in the front row at the cinema or when playing video games with a virtual reality headset, and even animals can experience motion sickness. 

Professor Golding explained that motion sickness happens when we experience what is known as sensory conflict, where the messages from the tiny balance organs in our inner ears, from our eyes and from our body do not match up and the brain gets confused. The mismatch triggers the symptoms of motion sickness, which are mainly nausea and vomiting.

Professor Golding is the author of the Motion Sickness Susceptibility Questionnaire Short Form and his current research projects are in the field of motion sickness, spatial disorientation and health psychology. 

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