Dr Daniel Conway, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, has been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship for his project ‘The Global Politics of Pride: LGBTQ+ Activism, Assimilation and Resistance’.

The project will document and analyse the contemporary politics, performances, effects and trajectories of Pride across selected national contexts, with a particular focus on non-Western and Global South Pride events.

Key research areas of the project will include exploring the political purposes of Pride parades and the issues these encompass in transnational and local terms. The project will also explore how Pride and queer activism is manifested across global contexts and will closely look at controversies surrounding the parade. Supported by the Leverhulme Trust, Dr Conway will be able to attend Pride events in India, China, the Philippines, Brazil and South Africa.

Speaking about his success, Dr Conway said: “I am delighted to have been awarded the Leverhulme Trust Fellowship to study the politics of LGBTQ+ Pride. This is a timely project, which focuses on an underexplored area in global terms. It also helps further develop the research theme of Gender and Sexuality at the Centre for the Study of Democracy in Gender and Sexuality.”

Dr Daniel Conway is actively involved with the Gender and Sexuality inter-disciplinary research group, which draws members from the disciplines of Politics and International Relations, Sociology, History, Media, Cultural Studies and Law.

Research conducted by the group covers diverse topics, geographical locations and time periods, including the role of women in resistance in Palestinian societies, gendered violence in Kashmir, the politics of masculinity and white privilege in South Africa, and LGTBQ+ politics in global contexts.

On 25th April, Dr Conway will be chairing a roundtable discussion on queer spaces, involving speakers from the University of British Columbia, Kings College London and University College London. The roundtable will be exploring the shifting intersections between gender/sexuality and space at both the local and global level, in an effort to promote understanding, dialogue, and appreciation of the various lived experiences of queer subjects.

Read more about the event and register to attend.

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