Dr Michael Newell, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Westminster, appeared on Channel 4’s How to Lose Weight Well programme to explain the reason behind weight fluctuation in the human body. 

Asked what makes our day-to-day weight fluctuate so much, Dr Michael Newell explained: “It all comes down to retention and loss of fluid over the day. We typically do that by drinking water, drinking tea or coffee, but also around 20 per cent of our total fluid intake comes from food itself.

He reminded: “The salt content of foods has a big impact on how we will retain those fluids. The salt is helping to move water from our intestinal track and into our bloodstream.”

Dr Newell concluded by saying that people should not despair if they are one or two kilos heavier than they were the previous day, explaining that this is a simple day-to-day variation of their own body mass.

Click here to watch Dr Michael Newell speaking on How to Lose Weight Well from 29:10.

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