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MA student receives Pamela Mayorcas Award

Languages 18 June 2018

Pamela Mayorcas

David Stockings, currently studying on the Specialised Translation MA course at the University of Westminster, has recently received the ‘Pamela Mayorcas Award for Scientific and Technical Translation’.

On Tuesday 5 June, David Stockings received the award, which is intended to offer financial support for the background and field research students are expected to carry out as part of the MA Course. The award was presented by the donor Pamela Mayorcas, an alumna of the University and Fellow of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

The award is open to full-time and second-year part-time students working towards the Specialised Translation MA and the Translation and Interpreting MA courses with English as a target language.

Talking about the award, Pamela Mayorcas, said: “In his choice of text and approach to the extended translation, David planned to make extensive use of original sources of information and texts in order to inform his understanding and translation of the German text.

“This is precisely the kind of research into source language material that I regard as essential, in order to produce high quality technical or specialised translation, in order to achieve as perfect an understanding as possible of the source text and to re-create the text in the target language, using the correct specialist terms and terms of art. I hope that David will be able to make use of some of the funds to make site visits to establishments or institutions relevant to the subject of his text.”

David Stockings, who received £200 support, said: “Receiving the Pamela Mayorcas Award for Scientific and Technical Translation is an enormous honour and privilege. As a budding translator, to have my idea recognised by knowledgeable and skilful professional translators gave me an enormous boost. The award has allowed me to access reference texts, analysis tools, and other materials that I would not otherwise have been able to use to complete my project. I would like to thank Pamela for making this award possible for myself personally and for the benefit to the wider translation profession.”

Lindsay Bywood, Senior Lecturer for the MA in Specialised Translation, said: “The prize fund provides important support for the winning student and enables them to access further research resources that might otherwise be out of reach. We are grateful to Pamela for helping us to recognise academic excellence in our department in this way.”

Learn more about the Specialised Translation MA and the Translation and Interpreting MA courses.

Picture caption: From left to right: David Stockings, Pamela Mayorcas and Alexa Alfer, Course Leader for the MA in Specialised Translation

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