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Free stop smoking group for students and staff

29 April 2015

You are four times more likely to become a proud quitter if you attend a stop smoking service.

Starting Friday 8 May 2015, Kick-it Stop Smoking Service will be providing a free stop smoking support for and students and staff at the University of Westminster. The clinic will run for a period of six weeks from 2–5pm at the Student Health Service at Marylebone Campus.

If you are a smoker and want to give up smoking, or even if you only want information, come along to speak to Carmen Munoz, the Stop Smoking Advisor. She will be able to inform you about this free service as well as help you identify whether this is the best time for you to give up smoking.

During the treatment course, you will get information on the most up to date and evidence-based pharmacological treatment available to help you to give up smoking, as well as psychological support during the most difficult period of stopping smoking. Giving up smoking within a group setting brings additional support from other members and a wealth of opportunities to discover alternative behaviours to combat your smoking habits. However, if you would rather receive one-to-one help, this can be arranged.

The first session involves exploring your readiness to stop, identifying which pharmacological treatment is most suitable for you and getting ready for the following week’s quit date.

The following sessions will aim to help develop alternative habits, new ways to respond to ingrained learned behaviours, and identifying and challenging cognitive thoughts and personal beliefs that maintain your smoking behaviour.

Twelve weeks of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) treatment is available on a single prescription charge, either single or combination NRT. Other pharmacological treatments such as Champix or Zyban might be a possibility depending on personal suitability. Although you do not have to use pharmacological treatment, it has been found that using it will double your chances of success.

The levels of carbon monoxide, the toxic gas that smokers inhale and retain in their lungs when smoking, will be measured each week and you will be able to compare how the level decreases once you have given up smoking.

The health benefits of giving up smoking have been well documented and you will soon be able to notice them once you have stopped smoking.

You can either come along on the day or contact Carmen directly either by sending her an email at [email protected] or by calling her on 07718201538.

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