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28 January: Ancient wisdom for a stressed out life – a free introductory talk on Vedic Meditation

19 January 2015

Access your fullest cognitive, creative and humanistic potential.

Ever found yourself stressed out about exams or deadlines? Do you find it hard to nod off at night? Are you unsure about which career path to choose and how to best express your purpose in life? Would you like more energy, to feel more inspired, to be more inspiring and to feel more comfortable with yourself? Would you like to nail your exams, get your coursework done in record speed and sail through your daily task list? Or would you simply like to discover the greatest hangover cure known to man?

If any of these resonate, come along to our free introduction talk on Vedic meditation which will provide insights into how and why many of us are not living our lives to the fullest. Chronic Background Stress is a clinical condition that is affecting the vast majority of us, inhibiting all aspects of our lives and limiting us from being the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Stress has significant implications on our ability to enjoy, excel, appreciate and experience. We will explore this topic and take a look the healthiest and most natural alternatives, and how the convergence between ancient techniques and modern science are allowing us to understand how they can deliver immediate and comprehensive results. Delivered in ways that are easy, enjoyable and totally complementary to a busy and fulfilling student life!

Will Williams is an independent teacher of Vedic meditation in London. He helps, individuals restore equilibrium to all aspects of their lives and organisations large and small to integrate corporate wellbeing programmes for a more harmonious workplace.

This event will take place on Wednesday 28 January from 2–3.30pm in room 604 Regent Street.

All are welcome. Students and staff at the University of Westminster can just turn up on the day. People from outside the University will need to register – to do so, please email [email protected].

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