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Law students: Elections to the Law Society Executive

Law 12 March 2013

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Candidates for the elections to the Law Society Executive must submit their names by 22 March. Candidates must also attend an information session on 18 March in order to campaign for a position within the Executive.

If candidates cannot attend the information session, they can email [email protected] to explain why. It might be possible to reschedule.

Below is a brief outline for each role, and a link to election guidelines.


  • Guidance of the Law Society Executive Committee and Society Officer team after the VP, including delegation and conflict resolution
  • Key representative of the Law Society to the SU, School of Law, University of Westminster and other Universities, any external bodies
  • Must clear any and all new initiatives, final veto power within the Society
  • Must ensure effective execution of the Law Society Constitution
  • Must maintain relationships with other SU societies
  • Required to conduct various public speaking duties
  • Must remain available in the case of any personnel shortfall (filling in when other Executive Directors or Officers are unavailable)
  • Must endeavour to attend all events
  • Must maintain a balance of Social, Career and Networking, Professional Development, and Advocacy events
  • Must ensure the reputation of the Law Society and School of Law is upheld and progresses
  • Must ensure promotion of the Society, and address collective and individual student concerns
  • Must ensure initiatives of the Law Society (ie Law Review, Debates Competition, etc) continue to progress
  • Must maintain respectful and effective communication in all facets of conduct


  • Primarily responsible for assigning and co-ordinating the duties of the Society Officer team
  • First point of contact for the Society Officer team
  • Aid in forming and maintaining relationships with other Societies
  • Primarily handles and organises events with LexisNexis who are a long term sponsor
  • Assist the rest of the Executive wherever required


  • Responsible for finances
  • Liaises with SU
  • Finds sponsorship (law firms etc)
  • Fund raising ideas
  • Supports others in their roles

Public Relations and Communications Officer

  • Liaises with students
  • Liaises with firms (supporting Careers Officer)
  • Supports organisation of events
  • Ensures marketing and promos for all news/events via:
    • Posters
    • FB page
    • Twitter
    • Tumblr blog

Mass emails

To take on the role of public relations and communications officer, you must have strong communications skills. You must be able to write emails professionally, engage with the student body on several platforms and be confident in public speaking (ie you can't be afraid to make an announcement in a lecture hall of 300 people). You must also have good leadership skills, as a lot of the marketing and promoting of events will require support from your team, which you will have to organise and manage. Some proficiency in any paint or design application will be useful as you will be making a lot of posters (it also helps if you're a bit creative and/or artistic).

Election Rules, as stated in the Law Society Constitution.

Good luck to all candidates.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

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