Call for abstracts: Edinburgh companion to the First World War and The Arts

2 October 2013

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Editors Ann-Marie Einhaus and Katherine Isobel Baxter (Northumbria University) are currently putting together a proposal for a new Edinburgh Companion to the First World War and the Arts, and are looking for some additional contributors.

This companion volume will bring together literary, musical, artistic and journalistic responses to the First World War from 1914 to the present day, with a primary focus on Britain and continental Europe.

Its emphasis is two-fold: cross-disciplinary and developmental. On the one hand, each contribution scrutinises responses to the war distinct to a particular field, medium or genre, while placing this field in relation to other fields, media or genres. On the other hand, all essays explore their chosen subject not simply in terms of immediate responses to the First World War, but also with regard to developments over time. The underlying critical assumption of this collection is that literary and artistic responses to the war are closely linked with the war’s evolving memory and its perception in the popular imagination, and that the two influence each other mutually over time.

The volume will be split into six sections: Literature, Visual Arts, Music, Periodicals and Journalism, Film and Broadcasting, and Publishing and Material Culture. Each individual chapter of 7,500 words will provide a research-informed, original discussion of its particular genre or medium, situating it in its wider context/section as far as possible.

The following chapters already covered:

  • prose fiction and war novels
  • poetry
  • short story
  • drama and performance
  • autobiography, memoirs and war diaries
  • painting
  • sculpture
  • photography
  • posters and advertising
  • soldiers’ songs
  • music hall
  • requiems and memorial music
  • popular magazines and newspapers
  • little magazines
  • reportage and war reporting
  • radio feature films
  • publishing industry
  • museums and collections
  • exhibitions
  • games and gaming

However, we are still looking for contributors to cover the following in particular: caricature, postcards and/or letters, hymns and sacred music.

We also invite suggestions for additional chapters on topics not yet covered in the list above – if you feel your research addresses a gap in our outline, please do get in touch.

Guidelines for abstracts

Please head your abstract with your name, institutional affiliation, and the proposed title for your contribution. It should include a note of the key authors, texts, case studies or examples which will be covered. Please keep titles simple and descriptive, avoiding unnecessary use of sub-titles and provide details of any essential illustrations along with your abstract. Abstracts should be approximately 200 words long.

Send all abstracts or suggestions to [email protected] and [email protected]


Due date for abstracts: 25 October 2013

Due date for full typescript of accepted essays: 30 September 2015

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