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BAMS student runner-up in prestigious award

22 December 2010

“The more connected we are the more opportunities for collaboration we have, but the more vulnerable we also become. How can human communication and enlightenment be possible with so much of it being literally thrown at us, despite easy and mass access? 

This view expressed within a 2000-word essay has clinched BA Media student Andreea Magdalina runner-up prize in one of the most respected student competitions in the UK.

Voice of the Listener and Viewer (VLV), which represents UK citizen and consumer interests in broadcasting organised the award in association with Channel 4.

It asked student entrants the following:

"In the world of internet blogging, anyone can produce a news story?  Access this view in relationship to the standards demanded from professional journalists and explore the prospects for traditional news providers.”

Andrea says: “I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the award, I guess I was a bit doubtful about my chances considering English is not my first language and I don't particularly specialise in TV studies”.

She adds: “However, I think my passion for online journalism enabled me to express a pertinent opinion about the future of news and news TV compared with the new citizen journalism taking place on the Web.”

Commenting on her award Jim McClellan, Principle Lecturer of the BAMs, says: “Everyone on the BA Journalism course would like to congratulate Andreea for her prize-winning performance in the VLV student essay competition".

“In a way”, he continues “it’s no surprise to hear about Andreea’s success in the competition. She’s always approached her work on the BA Journalism degree course at Westminster with real flair and imagination, especially the work she’s done in online multimedia”.

McClellan notes, Andrea’s win is a wider reflection of the Westminster BA course in trying to encourage students to be really creative when it comes to developing online and multimedia projects.

 “Andreea has always responded really well to this challenge and has produced some outstanding work during her time on the course. I think the ideas she’s developed in her own online journalism clearly helped her tackle the theoretical issues around UGC and traditional news in the essay she wrote for the competition.”

Andreea's win will mean a couple of weeks working with a production company. 

Asked what she had planned she says: “My plans for a career are not very definite at the moment, but I do know I enjoy very much working in multimedia and I hope the Masters degree in Cultural Studies I am applying for will further help me have a clearer idea and offer me the chance to work in a stimulating environment (a bit IDEO style).”

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