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Westminster staff regularly comment on current affairs and as expert voices in national and international media. Here are some recent highlights:

Professor Tom Buchanan, Professor of Psychology, had his research on online fraud featured in the safety and security magazine Security Advisor Middle East.

Professor Brendon Noble, Director of the UK Stem Cell Foundation and Head of the School of Life Sciences, was interviewed by BBC Radio Sussex to discuss stem cell therapy, after a man was conned into having a fake injection at a Dutch clinic in an attempt to treat the pain...

Dr Kathryn Waddington, Reader in Work and Organisational Psychology, commented for the Norwegian outlet Kifinfo on how values like equality, inclusion and diversity are being stifled by the prevailing management ideology in academia.

Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport, recently wrote an article for The Conversation discussing England’s school cycling potential, which she analysed while developing a new modelling tool as part of the Department of Transport-funded Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT).

Dr Ioannis Glinavos, Senior Lecturer in Law, wrote an article for The Conversation on whether a country can decide to unilaterally withdraw from an international treaty and if so, whether this could apply to the Brexit deal.

Dr Karen Jackson, Senior Lecturer in Economics, was interviewed by the Australian radio show The Money about the economic consequences of Brexit and what this could cost the other countries of the EU.

Professor Gerda Wielander, Professor of Chinese Studies and Associate Head (External Relations) of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, was interviewed by the BBC World Service’s Weekend show on her recent book, which analyses the many different ways in which happiness is talked about in China today.

Adrian York, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Music Performance, provided comment to The Independent on the allegations made against Michael Jackson in Channel 4’s two part ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary.

Dr Richard Barbrook, Senior Lecturer in Politics, was interviewed by Russia Today on the prospect of the UK leaving the EU without a Brexit deal. The interview was covered by the Express.

Dr Nitasha Kaul, Senior Lecturer in International Relations and member of the Centre for the Study of Democracy, was featured in several media outlets discussing the recent tensions over the politically contested region of Kashmir.

Dr Syeda Waqar wrote an article for The Conversation analysing the risk of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan over their long-running dispute for the Kashmir territory.

Professor Andrew Groves, Course Leader for BA Fashion Design, was interviewed by Reuters and the Chinese broadcasting channel CCTV about London Fashion Week degree show 2019.

Zac Nahouli, PhD student in Psychology, wrote an article for The Guardian about his semester studying with prisoners at HMP Pentonville.

Bradley Moon, a Biomedical Science student, wrote an article for the Times Higher Education on his journey back to education as a mature student.

Ayman El Hajjar, Lecturer in Cyber Security, wrote an article for Energy Voice on the need to raise cyber security awareness in Higher Education.

David Coker, Course Leader for the Investment and Risk Finance MSc and Senior Lecturer in Finance, was recently featured in Sputnik News, commenting on a new study that shows Germany as the biggest benefactor of the introduction of the euro.

Professor Angela Clow, expert in Neuropharmacology, Physiology and Psychology, was recently featured in the CBBC teen special ‘Dr Chris and Dr Xand Investigate Mental Health' episode analysing cortisol samples and discussing what it does on the body.

Dr Richard Barbrook, Professor of Politics and International Relations, was recently interviewed by Russia Today to talk about the Blairite quitters of the Labour Party.

Doug Specht, Senior Lecturer at the Communication and Media Research Institute, wrote an article for The Conversation discussing Bukele’s win of the Salvadorian election and the country’s future that follows.

Professor Gerda Wielander, Associate Head of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Chinese Studies, was recently featured in the China section of The Economist alongside ‘Chinese Discourses on Happiness’, a book she co-edited.

Professor Lewis Dartnell, Professor in Science Communication, recently wrote for The Independent and was featured on BBC Radio 5 and The Naked Scientist discussing how different features of the planet have shaped human history, as he explains in his latest book Origins.

Anick, Mentoring Administrator in the Careers department and Founder of Intersex Advocates and Friends, wrote a piece on his experience of coming out as Intersex and shared his thoughts on his first National Student Pride.

Pippa Catterall, Professor of History and Policy at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, wrote for Gay Star News and Times Higher Education about her experience of coming out as a transgender academic.

Professor John Golding, Professor of Psychology, was recently featured on BBC One’s Rip off Britain testing motion sickness remedies with the help of some students.

Dr Manal Mohammed, Lecturer in Microbiology, was interviewed by the Mail Online about how sharing personal items can lead to unforeseen unhygienic consequences.

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