17 July 2006 to 19 July 2006
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Regent Street campus


  • Eugenia Afinoguénova (Marquette University in Madrid): ‘“Esto se llama Raza, hijo mío”: Differences Integrated, the Visualizations of the “New State”, and the Fascist Imaginary in Prisioneros de guerra and Raza.’
  • Michael Alpert (University of Westminster): ‘Franco’s Flight from the Canaries to Tetuán: Some Unasked Questions’
  • Christine Arkinstall (University of Aukland): ‘Re-membering the Spanish Civil War: History as Trauma and Wound in Ángela Figuera’s Poetic Work.’
  • Richard Baxell (IBMT): ‘The Spanish Legacy: Experiences of British members of the International Brigades during the Second World War’
  • Niall Binns (Universidad Complutense, Madrid): ‘The Spanish Civil War in Spanish American Poetry’
  • Charles Burdett (University of Bristol): ‘Italian Journalists and the Spanish Civil War’
  • Matthew Calihman (Missouri State University): ‘The Spanish Civil War and the Struggle for Cultural Democracy in the Historical Fiction of John A. Williams’
  • Mercedes Camino (University of Lancaster): ‘War, Women and Absence: The Spanish Civil War in Film’
  • Francie Cate-Arries (William and Mary College, USA): ‘Revealing the Forgotten Faces of Spain’s War: Ione Robinson and the Art of Bearing Witness, 1938-1939’
  • Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez (Trent University, Ontario) : ‘Red Terror, Blue Memoirs: The Civil War and the Politics of Victimhood in Early Franco’s Spain’
  • Paul Corthorn (University College, Oxford): ‘The British Left and the Spanish Civil War’
  • Laurent Desanti (Université Paris III): ‘Paysages en guerre et en revolution chez Jean-Richard Bloch, André Chamson et André Malraux’
  • Megan Echevarria (University of Rhode Island): ‘Memorialization Matters: How and Why Novelists Recall and Recount the War’
  • Kristin Ewins (St. Hilda’s, University of Oxford): ‘The Spanish Civil War in the Work of Sylvia Townsend Warner’
  • Kevin Foster (Monash University): ‘Land and Freedom: Evolution of a Screenplay’
  • Hugo Garcia (UNED, Madrid): ‘Political Tourism during the Spanish Civil War: The British Experience’
  • Silvia Gesser (Tel Aviv University): ‘What to Do with a Distressing Past: The Spanish Civil War in Commemorative Exhibitions and Catalogues’
  • Heather Graham (University of London Royal Holloway): ‘The Memory of Murder: Mass Killing, Incarceration and the Making of Francoism’
  • Martin Hurcombe (University of Bristol, GWACS): ‘Oh What a Lovelorn War: Romance and Ideology in the French Novel of the Spanish Civil War’
  • Alvaro Jaspe (University of Ulster): ‘ “It appears that innocent civilians are being killed without any justification”: The Forgotten Front, The War and Repression in Galicia, 1936. H M Consul Oxley’s Perspective’
  • Soline Jolliet (Université Paris IV): ‘La poésie engagée de Dionisio Ridruejo: un exemple du pouvoir symbolique de la littérature nationaliste’
  • Daniel Kowalsky (Queen’s University, Belfast): ‘The Soviet Cinematic Offensive in the Spanish Civil War’
  • Lisa Lines (Flinders University): ‘Milicianas: Republican Women in Combat during the Spanish Civil War’
  • Angel Llorente (Independent Researcher): ‘Fine Arts and the Spanish Civil War’
  • Roxana Nadim (Université Paris III): ‘Barcelone assiégée ou l’éclatement des limites dans Le Palace de Claude Simon’
  • Xosé Manoel Núñez Seixas (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela): ‘To die for the Fatherland, or: How nationalist was the Spanish Civil War? Some evidence concerning the “patriotic” motivation of combatants of the two sides’
  • Mike O’Mahony (University of Bristol): ‘Sketches of Spain?: The Impact of the Spanish Civil War on Socialist Realism in the Soviet Union’
  • Daniel Palmieri (ICRC): ‘When Neutrality Meets Ideology: The International Committee of the Red Cross, Franco and the Victims (1936-1965)’
  • John Parkin (University of Bristol): ‘Laughter of the Left’
  • Jill Parsons (London School of Economics): ‘The Extent of Republican Repression in Madrid, 1936-1939’
  • Ignacio Perez-Ibañez (University of Rhode Island): ‘Women in Spain and the Anarcho-Feminist Movement during the Civil War’
  • Micahel Petrou (St Anthony’s, University of Oxford) : ‘Immigrant Army: Canadians in the Spanish Civil War’
  • Guillaume Piketty and Evelyn Mesquida (Sciences Politiques, Paris): ‘From Spain to Berchtesgaden: History and Memory of The Nueve’.
  • Paul Preston (London School of Economics): ‘The War Crimes of General Franco’
  • Patricia Rae (Queen’s University, Ontario): ‘Spain and the Reversion to Modernism: Homage to Catalonia and the “War Books”‘
  • Luc Rasson (University of Antwerp): ‘Michel del Castillo face à la guerre d’Espagne’
  • Raanan Rein (Tel Aviv University) : ‘Echoes of the Spanish Civil War in Palestine: Zionists, Communists and the Contemporary Press’
  • Mike Richards (University of the West of England): ‘The Spanish Civil War 70 years on: Public and Personal Memories of the War as Social History’
  • Julius Ruiz (University of Edinburgh): ‘Defending the Republic: the García Atadell Brigade in Madrid, 1936’
  • Pablo Sánchez León and Jesús Izquierdo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): ‘Distant Proximity: Anthropologies of the Spanish Civil War’
  • Rémi Skoutelsky (Université Paris IV – Sorbonne) : ‘L’Image de la guerre’
  • Eric Smith (University of Illinois at Chicago): ‘Democracy and Fascism in the American Mind: United Front Politics and the Spanish Civil War’.
  • Scott Soo (Université Toulouse I): ‘ “The End of Christ”: A Spanish Libertarian Co-operative in the Southwest of France, 1939-1940’
  • Gareth Stockey (University of Lancaster): ‘Traitors to England? Gibraltar and British Policy Towards the Spanish Civil War after August 1936’.
  • Rob Stradling (University of Wales, Cardiff) : ‘Fascists, Philistines – and Franco’
  • Peter Tame (Queen’s University, Belfast): ‘The Space that was Spain: Two French frères ennemis, Robert Brasillach and André Chamson, and their writings on the Spanish Civil War’
  • Colin Thomas ‘Filming the Brigaders - Homage or History?’, presentation followed by the premier of his film The Dragon’s Dearest Cause.
  • Reiner Tosstorf (Johannes-Gutenburg University, Mainz): ‘Case Closed: The Assassination of Andreu Nin, the Persecution of the POUM and its Background’
  • Aránzazu Usandizaga (Universitat Autonoma, Barcelona) ‘Foreign Women Writers of the Spanish Civil War’
  • Elizabeth Willis (GWACS): ‘Clinicians, Comrades and Compañeras: Aspects of Medicine and Health in Spain, 1936-1939’
  • Gerben Zaagsma (European University Institute) : ‘Jewish Volunteers in the International Brigades: Problems and Concerns’

This conference took place at the University of Bristol.

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