13 February 1998
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Professor Annette Becker, Dr Leslie Davis, Dr David Drake, Melanie Garrett, Dr Robert Gildea, Claire Gorrara, Professor Susan Greenfield, Martin Hurcombe, Dr Angela Kimyongür, Dr Elise Noetinger, Michael Peel, Anny Dayan Rosenman, Marion Schmid, Jill Sturdee, Dr Nicole Thatcher Carine Trevisan, Dr Sarah Wilson

Regent Street campus
  • Professor Annette Becker, Université de Lille III: “Committing to Memory: Remembering and Representing”
  • Dr Leslie Davis, Dublin City University: “Re-writing the rules: L-F Céline’s Great War metaphor”
  • Dr David Drake (Middlesex University): “Jean-Paul Sartre and Indo-China 1945-1954”
  • Melanie Garrett, University of Glasgow: “Remembering Gabriel Peri: religious cult as communist propaganda”
  • Dr Robert Gildea, Merton College, Oxford: “The Resistance Myth and Other Voices”
  • Claire Gorrara, University of Wales, Cardiff: “Meurtres pour mémoire: Remembering the Occupation in the detective fiction of Didier Daeninckx”
  • Professor Susan Greenfield, Lincoln College, Oxford; Gresham Professor of Physic: “Committing to Memory: the Human Brain”
  • Martin Hurcombe, Bristol University: “Representation of the Absurd: Legacy of the French combat novel of World War I”
  • Dr Angela Kimyongür, Hull University: “Louis Aragon. The representation of war: ideology and memory”
  • Dr Elise Noetinger (University of Cambridge): L’Ecriture ou la vie: the price of silence”
  • Michael Peel (Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture): “Variations in Testimony: the stories of asylum-seekers”
  • Anny Dayan Rosenman, Université Paris VII: “Deuil, identité, écriture. Les traces de la Shoah dans la mémoire juive en France”
  • Marion Schmid, Edinburgh University: “‘Antimémoires’: the making of the war chapter in Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu
  • Jill Sturdee, Open University, Centre for Modern Languages: “Caen Children and the Final Solution: public and private memory”
  • Dr Nicole Thatcher (Middlesex University): “Mémoire et écriture: l’exemple de Charlotte Delbo”.
  • Carine Trevisan, Université Paris VII: “The Bleeding Icon: sites of memory and mourning in the work of Claude Simon”
  • Dr Sarah Wilson, Courtauld Institute of Art: “Souviens-toi! War, cold war, aftermath: art across three generations, France and Germany 1945-95”

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