10 September 2009 to 11 September 2009
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Fatma Oya Aktas, Julie Anderson, John Ayres, Ana Carden-Coyne, Rukmini Dahanukar, Graham Dawson, Claire Duncanson, Maria Fritsche, Wendy Gagen, Steven Gardiner, Richard Godfrey, Peter Hughes Jachimiak, Bex Lewis, Frauke Matthes, Arthur McIvor, Daisy Neijmann, Emma Reilly, Martina Salvante, Claudia Siebrecht, Sophie Smith, Mark Straw, Jane Tynan, Rachel Woodward

Regent Street campus

2-day international conference at Swansea University (in association with Gender & Society and Conflict & Memory research groups).

Conference speakers:

  • Fatma Oya Aktas: ‘Being a Conscientious Objector in Turkey: Challenging Hegemonic Masculinity in a Militaristic Nation-State
  • Julie Anderson: Stoics: ‘Creating Identities at St Dunstan’s 1914-20’
  • John Ayres: ‘The Pleasure Culture of War and 1950s British Film Posters’
  • Ana Carden-Coyne: ‘Reconstructing the Body: Overcoming Disability and Sexual Heroism for Ex-Servicemen and Civilians’
  • Rukmini Dahanukar: ‘Money Talks: Men at War’
  • Graham Dawson, University of Brighton: ‘Masculinity, State Violence, and the Political Psychology of Military Extirpation: Reflections on the Israeli Assault on Gaza, 27 December 2008 - 17 January 2009’
  • Claire Duncanson: ‘Do Forces for Good contain Real Men? Military Masculinities in the British on Operations Other than War’
  • Maria Fritsche: ‘Wimps or Heroes? Masculine Self-Perceptions of Deserters in the German Army in WW2’
  • Wendy Gagen: ‘Not Another Hero: The Eastern Telegraph Company’s Creation of the Soldier Hero and Company Man’
  • Steven Gardiner: ‘The Warrior Ethos: Reinventing Soldierly Masculinity after 9/11’
  • Richard Godfrey: ‘Virtual Heroes: Military Masculinity in Hollywood Film’
  • Peter Hughes Jachimiak: ‘“Aarrgghh!! It’s Art?”: Sequential Media, Cover Art and the Glorification of the Allied Soldiers of WW2’
  • Bex Lewis: ‘Men at Work: Visible and Invisible Men in Second World War Posters’
  • Frauke Matthes: ‘Witnessing the Bosnian War from Abroad: Aleksandar Hemon and Sasa Stanisic’
  • Arthur McIvor, Juliette Pattinson and Wendy Ugolini: ‘Masculinities Challenged? Men in the Reserved Occupations in Second World War Britain
  • Daisy Neijmann: ‘“A Fabulous Potency”: Masculinity in Icelandic Occupation Literature’
  • Emma Reilly: ‘Masculinity and Men’s Bodies in WW2: The Transition from Civilian to Soldier’
  • Martina Salvante: ‘Italian Disabled Veterans between Reality and Propaganda’
  • Claudia Siebrecht: ‘Portrayals of Battlefield Masculinity from the Wars of Liberation to the Second World War’
  • Sophie Smith: ‘Weapons of War: Sexual Violence in Pat Barker’s Double Vision
  • Mark Straw: ‘“All We Are Doing is Watching”: Male Protagonists and the Ethics of Spectatorship in Contemporary American War Films’
  • Jane Tynan: ‘“Why aren’t you in Khaki?” Army Uniform and the making of the First World War civilian Soldier’
  • Rachel Woodward and Neil Jenkings: ‘Representations of Military Masculinities in Contemporary British Military Memoirs’.

The conference included Christine McCauley’s Introduction to Exhibit ‘Bedtime Stories; Jini Rawlings’ Introduction to Exhibits: ‘As the Crow Flies’ and ‘Mahabaleshwar’; and the launch of Ana Carden Coyne’s book Reconstructing the Body: Classicism, Modernism, and the First World War (Oxford University Press, 2009). Introduced by Graham Dawson.

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