Storytellers and journalists on the disLAB course to receive guidance by top entrepreneurs in a new mentorship scheme

Visual Culture 22 February 2018

A newly established mentorship programme will involve leading professionals from the Guild of Entrepreneurs to provide guidance and mentorship to six students from the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB MA (disLAB) course, leading up to the production of a short film with the mentor as a subject.

The country’s leading businessmen and women from The Guild of Entrepreneurs are to provide real-world experience for students by encouraging them to critically assess the strength and weaknesses of their ideas, as well as consider financial strategies, covering production and the right market for their project.

Students will also learn how to produce an industry ready treatment, to position their project within the current market, assess its cost, its business model and promotion strategy. 

Speaking about the new partnership, Dr David Dunkley-Gyimah, Course Leader on the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB MA course, said: "We're truly excited and honoured to be part of this partnership; to be working with the best entrepreneurs in the UK, and the impact this will have on students.

Whether they’re considering their own start-ups, joining a company or looking to carve business collaborations, the mentoring they'll be receiving will be invaluable."

Nicola Manning, Founder Member of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and Chair of the Education Committee, said: “The Guild of UK Entrepreneurs is hugely excited to be partnering with Westminster’s disLAB course for this innovative programme.

“Designed as a symmetrical learning technique, with the entrepreneur mentors sharing years of business and life experience with their mentees and in return, being gifted with the students’ film-craft and a unique and personal, 21st century ‘portrait’ of their mentor.”

The Guild’s Master Lee Robertson, CEO of award-winning wealth management firm Investment Quorum and one of the top wealth managers in the UK, said: “We are very proud to be associated with the brilliant endeavours of the disLAB programme.”

The Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB MA (disLAB) programme offers 21st century learning by enabling its students, coming from a range of backgrounds, to experiment and innovate in media, storytelling and multi-platform journalism.

From the very start of the programme, students have been part of meetings at the BBC News Lab and have met with global leaders in their fields, including Michael Min, Technical Director of Star Wars, Ilicco Elias, Head of Mobile Deloitte Digital, and Catherine Allen, a BAFTA winning immersive media specialist.

Speaking about the course, Dr David Dunkley-Gyimah, who was recently named Asper Visiting Professor at Columbia University, said: “We’re looking for storytellers to challenge the status quo, aided by deep practical and theoretical business knowledge. One of our students has, after three months on our programme, been picked for HSBC’s Global graduate scheme.”

The disLAB teaching staff also comprises Dr Sandra Gaudenzi, founder member of i-Docs and an expert on interactivity, and Dr Massimiliano Fusari whose speciality is image-based storytelling.

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