Nasser Golzari

Research Title: The Role of Architectural Technology and Cultural Identity in Sustainability
Research Areas:

Director of Studies: Professor Murray Fraser
Second Supervisor: Professor Mike Wilson (London Metropolitan University)
Third Supervisor: Peter Barber
Starting Date and Mode of Study: 2007 Part-Time

Thesis Synopsis

This PhD by Design seeks to uncover ecologically innovative techniques for designing buildings in very hot countries like Iran, through a range of strategies and means, including the adaptation of heavily insulated roof construction in Scandinavian countries and transferring this to the very different climactic condition of the Middle East. As the basis for the investigation, a number of design studies will be undertaken in Middle Eastern countries, leading ultimately to a ‘real-life’ proposal for a new park in the beautiful historic city of Hamadan, Iran – the oldest city in that country. The underlying aim of  the thesis is to offer suggestions for energy-efficient architecture in hot climates, and builds on previous proposals – some of them built along with  Pierre D’Avoine Architects – for prototypical ‘green houses’ and ‘green offices’ in Tehran. The research for this doctorate will be carried out in conjunction with specialist consultants in the area of energy-efficiency, and  with the input of the well-regarded research unit run by Professor Mike Wilson at London Metropolitan University.