Music Research Group

Staff Research Activities

Staff Research Activities

Dr. Helen Reddington research activities



  • Mentor, Women in Music Mentoring Scheme
  • Assessor, Fame Academy Educational Bursary Scheme

The Written Word

  • The Lost Women of Rock, book to be published 2006


  • Paper: Teaching Songwriting in Higher Education, Palatine
  • Essay: 'The Invisible Revolution and the Legacy of the Female Punk Musicians in the 1970s' in the 'Subcultures' issue of Peace Review, Taylor and Francis
  • 2004: 'Music, Power and Politics', ed. Annie De Janeiro Randall, Bucknell University, Penna, USA, Routledge.
  • 2003: 'Lady Punks in Bands: A Subculturette?' in 'The Post Subcultures Reader', ed. Dr Dave Muggleton, University of Chichester, Berg
  • PUBLISHED INTERVIEW (on songwriting)
  • 2001: The Guerilla Guide to The Music Business, Sarah Davis and Dave Laing, Continuum, London and New York, 2001


  • 2004/5: Performances at London venues (solo and as Helen and the Horns)
  • HELEN AND THE HORNS ETC: CD of back-catalogue music, Near Shore Records

Big Song

  • Community songwriting partnership: working with children and adults on songwriting projects within host organisations- London Zoo, Barnet Football Club, Barnet Council Recycling Depot. Funding: King's Health Fund and the Hyde Foundation.

John Eacott research activities

Composer for TV, film and for the last few years interactive digital media resulting in sound installations "Intelligent Street" 2003, "The Street" 2000 and the CDRom of generative electronica "Morpheus" 2001.
Completing a PhD and chairs the international Cybersonica Symposia at the ICA and Science Museum 2002 - 2005.



  • Re working of electronic score for UK tour of the theatre show "Gormenghast" opening May 8th in Poole Arts Centre
  • Completion / examination of PhD - "Contents May Vary: A portfolio of generative music artefacts"


  • M. d'Inverno, J. Eacott & F. Olofsson, "Responsive and Generative Music for Public Installations", AgentLink News, Issue 19, Nov 2005, ISSN 1465-3842
  • Development project for new production of Venus and Adonis for Royal Shakespeare Company using generative and interactive music.
  • Co-chair of Cybersonica Symposium, The Dana Centre, Science Museum, London
  • Adviser to NESTA Bursaries scheme 2005


  • H. Lorstad, J. Eacott, M. d'Inverno & F. Olofsson, "Intelligent Street: responsive environments for social interaction. Presented at ACE2004 Singapore.
  • Adviser to NESTA Bursaries scheme 2004


  • "Intelligent Street" Public sound installation at University of Westminster Harrow Campus and Acusticum, Pitea, Sweden. Developed with support from Sonic Studio, Interactive Institute, Sweden and Vodafone Sweden.
  • J. Eacott; "Smartsound: a framework for multi-user sound interaction" presented at Cybersonica, ICA London 2003
  • Chair of Cybersonica Symposium 2003, ICA London
  • J. Eacott, M. d'Inverno; "Embedded Intelligent Music of iHiFi - the intelligent hifi" Digital Creativity vol. 14 no. 2
  • A. Andersson & J. Eacott (Eds) "Digital Music and Sound" Digital Creativity vol. 14 no. 2


  • "Morpheus > emergent music: contents may vary" Presented at GA2001, Milan, Italy
  • J. Eacott (Ed) "Morpheus" CDRom, Mushi Mushi, London 2001

Mykaell Riley research activities

Mykaell S. Riley began his career in the late seventies as a performer with pioneering Reggae outfit Steel Pulse who went on to achieve a Grammy. In the 90s he founded the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, who represent the most visibly black/multicultural collection of classically trained musicians in the UK.

He has been a professional writer/producer and performer for over 25 years. Over this period he has achieved Silver, Gold and Platinum awards and contributed to four number 1 singles and seven number 1 albums via his production and writing work.

He works as a music industry consultant and a content developer for music related educational programmes. He is a subject specialist (music/production) for the Open University validation panel.

He is a member Arts & Business foundation, a board member of Camden Arts & Business Consortium, on the steering group for South Themes College, and a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.


Senior Lecturer in music production, Head of Urban Music Summer School


  • Music related research
  • Convergence Technology for Musicians
  • Music Industry/Consultant
  • Music Producer
  • British Black Music/Musicology
  • Strategic Marketing of music related content



  • Dub Sweat & Tears: A multimedia photographic exhibition, which I've have researched, developed was on show in the Brixton Rec, followed by City Hall London for a month.



  • The Virtual Academy: I'm researching and redeveloping this pilot project, which hothouses the experience and growth of UK music talent to focus song writing in collaboration with Industry expertise, the Arts Council London, OVERTONES and the University of Westminster with a possible start date of September 2006.
  • Dub Sweat & Tears: A multimedia photographic now due to tour in 2006/7 with new material. I have also reform, refocus and re-establish the "RPO" the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra. This is a unique collective of mainly black classical musicians, which functions as a multicultural vehicle/platform for new music/ performance due tour nationally in 2007.


  • Currently conducting the national Jazz Mapping/ Report on the current state of jazz in the England. This is a commission from Jazz services and funded by the lottery fund. It will form part of jazz services educational content to be completed 2006 as a book publication 'Researching an E-Learning for Multimedia Musicians'.
  • I have since been asked by STC to develop E-Learning module for the Digital Musician as an A-level degree (it will focus on personal branding for musicians).
  • The BANK: Over the last four years I've been developing the concept and partners for a major bid, which will core fund a national centre for Black music research at the university of Westminster. The centre will be called The BANK.


  • BBMX British Black Music Experience: I have recently researched and developed a new 16-week interactive module focusing on the black music contribution to pop in the UK. It is now part of the commercial music course.
  • Black Composers in the UK and Europe over the last 200 years: This research has taken the form of listing all compositions /scores from the black community over this period, and then researching and forming an orchestra (BME) to perform these scores. This orchestra performed on 20th April for Sheffield Arts council with whom I'm now working on a presentation for teachers working within the music/performance.


  • The Virtual Academy: I'm now in final stages of research and development of this pilot project, which hothouses the experience and growth of UK black music talent in collaboration with American expertise, Partners: the Arts Council London, The Hospital Group, OVERTONES. Fifteen 18 to 25 year olds will participate.


  • Taste @ home: I developed The Taste @ home research project with the University of Liverpool, National Museum and Galleries on Merseyside, community groups and 120 children from various schools on Merseyside was an opportunity to share historical and family experiences of black music. This project has provided valuable insights into effective data collection and community involvement through its workshop, dissemination and outreach models.In Taste @ home I pioneered a new method of data collection which makes the identification and collection of objects, their discussion and dissemination into a collective activity shared between young people, their parents and educationalists, and actively stimulated through a dedicated web page with the help of Granada Learning. A three-month Liverpool based project where 9 to 11 year olds were introduced to UK black music history, via their parents, community and the Internet. Project partners Liverpool University and Granada Learning.
  • So you think you know about black music: Involves seven schools and the University of Westminster in the live performance of songs, written by the black artists over the last fifty years in the UK. Project partner String of Pearls. UoW, Barclays Bank looked at British black music artist over the fifty years through a live music performance event.